Workshops from the 2018 Conference

FARMERS' PANEL: 10:00 AM-11:00AM

During this panel you will have the opportunity to hear from several farmers about their innovative cultural practices, technologies, and perspectives that have helped them face the challenges and opportunities in their experiences as farmers.


Workshop 1: Organizations and Resources that Strengthen the Farmer

This "brief informative/speed dating" style session will cover the different financial programs, loans, subsidies and other resources available to farmers and ranchers. Find out about available resources designed to increase the farmer's capacity. This workshop will be presented to you by the staff of various organizations that dedicate themselves to the development of the farming community. The representatives will sit with you in small groups to give you their full attention.

Presenters: USDA-Farm Service Agency, Community Action Partnership, NRCS, National Center for Appropriate Technology, ALBA, California Certified Organic Farmers.

Workshop 2: Sustainable Soil Management: Understanding Your Soil to Increase Farm Efficiency

We must understand the challenges come with the soil in the central coastal area of California. Knowing how to monitor and prevent nutrient leaching is part of an efficient and sustainable system. This workshop will also include a presentation on the effects and benefits of cover crops.

Presenters: Eddie Muro: Yara, Sasha Lozano: Santa Cruz RCD, Narciso Guerrero: USDA-NRCS.

Workshop 3: Increasing Irrigation Efficiency: Appropriate Practices and Innovations

This workshop will provide new tools and techniques related to irrigation efficiency. The group of presenters represent a wide variety of experience and backgrounds. During these presentations you will hear about technology, tools, and practices that are being used to improve water use today.

Presenters: Jorge Inestroza: Tenalu Farm, Rigo Martinez: Toro Co., Raul Alvarado: USDA-NRCS.


Workshop 4: Agricultural Business: Accessing Resources and Preparing for Financing

This workshop will explore different options for financing and some of the essential practices for maintaining a successful business. Topics include non-traditional loans, access to capital, development of business plans, access to land, cash flow, financial literacy and loan preparation

Presenters: Nathan Weller, CA Farmlink; Davis Mancera: Kitchen Table Advisors; Jose Guerra, Cal Coast.

Workshop 5: Innovations and Technologies

This session will explore a variety of practices and new technology available to farmers. A diversity of ideas will be presented, including applications of "blockchain" in agriculture; bio-solarisation for the control of various pests; and the calibration and proper use of your spray equipment. The applications of these presentations will be useful for farmers interested in increasing the efficiency of their agricultural operation. (Continuing Education Credits from the Department of Pesticide Regulation have been requested)

Presenters: Martin Guerena, National Center of Appropriate Technology (NCAT); Jason Sharrett, California Strawberry Commission; Alvaro Ramirez, eHarvestHub Inc.

Workshop 6: Employee Management: Regulations and Good Practices

The Worker Protection Standard of the Environmental Protection Agency is aimed at reducing the risk of pesticide poisoning and injury among agricultural workers and pesticide applicators. The role of the agencies that regulate the use of pesticides in the State of California will also be discussed and resources will be provided to farmers to help them comply with this regulation.

CIERTO is a certified agricultural workers contractor (H2A) that recruits, trains and places agricultural workers with experience from Mexico on farms in the United States. Our mission is to create a professional agricultural workforce that is trained, certified and that adds value to the food supply chain.

Presenters: Martha Sanchez, Department of Pesticide Regulations; Fabiola Estrada, Environmental Protection Agency; Teresa Andrews, Western Center for Ag Health and Safety; Norma Encinas, CIERTO.


For the first time, the Latino Farmer Conference will have a panel of buyers representing a variety of opportunities related to the marketing of agricultural products. You will have the opportunity to listen to experts in local marketing, export, and new technologies designed to facilitate your direction to the market. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and request contacts directly from the buyers.

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The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) are proud to present the 4th annual statewide sustainable agriculture conference for Spanish speaking farmers. This conference brings together the Latino farming community, the agriculture industry, advocates for sustainability and agribusinesses for a day of workshops, networking, and learning from fellow farmers.



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