9:40 AM-11:10 AM

Workshop 1: Beginning Farmer: Business Management and Financial Literacy

Ann Baier – National Center for Appropriate Technology
Sound business management and organic certification are rooted in intentional action. Working with a plan can measurably improve the health of your farm environment, bank account, and quality of life. Record keeping and Organic certification as a marketing strategy will be covered. We'll look at several resources and reference links that you can use when you are ready to develop your own organic systems and business plans for enterprises that work for you.

Juan Santiago – Freedom from Hunger
Financial literacy is essential to any successful business. This session will include an introduction to some of the fundamental skills and knowledge that allow farmers to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources including budgeting, saving, and loans.

Workshop 2: What is SGMA and How will it Affect My Farm?

Panel Discussion – SGMA & ILRP
Have you heard of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act? Any farmer who pumps ground water from basins classified as medium or high priority (which includes most of the central valley and other parts of the state) will be subject to regulatory action which is to halt overdraft and bring ground water basins into balanced levels which limit withdrawals to sustainable levels. Come to this panel discussion to learn how SGMA will affect your farm. Experts from across the industry will be present to answer questions and provide insights into the on farm effects of SGMA.

The Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP) is a program managed by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (CVWB) that focuses on protecting surface water and groundwater quality in agricultural lands across the Central Valley. This presentation will focus on providing participants with information about the ILRP program and it's regulations, focusing on the Nitrogen Management Plan (NMP).

Workshop 3: Taking the Next Step: Accessing Credit and Owning the Land You Farm

Panel Discussion - Agricultural Lenders and Resource Providers
This panel discussion will include several industry representatives from the agriculture business and lending world to help lend some guidance to farmers interested in taking steps to increase their access to capital including farm ownership.

Workshop 4: Pesticide Use and Innovations (DPR Continuing Education Units available)

Daniel Rios - Tulare County Agricultural Inspector
This session will cover laws in the Food and Agricultural Code and the regulations in the California Code of Regulations relating to the safe use of pesticides.

Martin Guerena - National Center for Appropriate Technology
Biorational pesticides refers to synthetic, organic, or inorganic pesticides that have low toxicity, exhibit a very low impact on the environment and have minimal impact on non-target species. Some are exempt from EPA registration and others are accepted in organic production. This presentation will describe biorational pesticides, give examples and help the participants navigate through NCAT's Biorational pesticide database.


11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Workshop 5: Conservation Incentive Programs and Soil Health: Benefits of including soil health practices on your farm and cost share incentive programs to help you do it!

Raul Alvarado - USDA-NRCS
Soil health is one of the most important topics when it comes to farming. This session will explore healthy soils and their characteristics as well as give an overview of USDA-NRCS EQIP program conservation practices and conservation plans.

Michael Wolff - CDFA
There are several programs available to farmers through the state, this session will expand on the types of practices covered through the Healthy Soils Program (HSP) and the State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP) offered by CDFA.

Sacha Lozano - Santa Cruz RCD
Soil Health and Conservation on the Farm – How does it work for farmers? What are the benefits? Providing technical assistance – what can RCD's do to help

Jose Robles (Farmer)
Jose Robles is a farmer in the central valley who has taken advantage of several grants offered through the USDA and CDFA. He will share his experience in using these grant programs and answer any questions from farmers in attendance.

Martin Guerena - NCAT
Martin will share information about NCAT and its role in helping farmers apply for government grant programs like HSP.

Workshop 6: Marketing Your Product

Josefina Chavez – CAFF
Knowing the markets available to you is essential to the successful management of your farm business. This session will include an exploration of institutional (ex. Schools, hospitals, etc.) and direct sales avenues for your farm products.

Panel discussion – Produce buyers
Join this panel of agricultural buyers from across the state. You will have the opportunity to listen to experts in local marketing, wholesalers, and new technologies designed to facilitate your access to the market.

Workshop 7: Technology in Agriculture

Irwin Donis - UC Cooperative Extension
This session will explore some of the technological innovations available to the small-mid scale farm, and will include technologies designed for harvest and post-harvest of fruits, vegetables, and tree nuts.

Kosana Suvocarev – UC Davis
Recent water monitoring innovations are more cost-effective than ever before and may be useful for the small to the mid-scale farmer. Join this session to learn about these innovations and how they can help improve your on-farm water management.

Workshop 8: Risk Management: Sexual Harassment and FSMA

Teresa Andrews - UC Davis Center for Health and the Environment:
During this session, participants will learn about the requirements regarding sexual harassment prevention at federal and state levels. And will discuss practical solutions to implement a successful sexual harassment prevention program in their workplace.

Rodrigo Chipres - CDFA
This presentation will consist of the Produce Safety Rule in relation to FSMA inspections and how they are being conducted. Resources will also be given to small farmers so that they know the tools at their disposal to prepare for the upcoming inspections, such as On Farm Readiness Reviews and guidance documents.

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The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) are proud to present the 5th annual statewide sustainable agriculture conference for Spanish speaking farmers. This conference brings together the Latino farming community, the agriculture industry, advocates for sustainability and agribusinesses for a day of workshops, networking, and learning from fellow farmers.



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