Each year, the Latino Farmer Conference workshops feature experts who present the most pressing issues facing farmers today. The workshop sessions will feature experts in all of the major California agricultural crop industries.

Past workshops have covered irrigation practices, soil health, farm business and marketing training, pest management, nutrient management, beekeeping and information about financial and business resources available for farmers. The workshops are practical for farms of all sizes. The workshops are presented in Spanish with available translation to English.


Workshop #1:
Information/Strategies to Access Farm Financing: Loans, Grants and other Programs

This "speed dating" session will cover the different financing programs, loans, grants and other financial resources available for farmers and ranchers. Learn about your potential financing options, the details of the different programs and how to apply for them. Additionally, program staff will be available throughout the conference to provide individual assistance for farmers.


USDA-Farm Service Agency, California Farmlink, Feed the Hunger Foundation, Imperial Valley Small Business Development Center and more!!

Workshop #2:
Sustainable Soil Management: Understanding Soil-Plant-Water Interactions for Increased Efficiency on the Farm

This workshop will discuss the important relationship between soil and water and how this can help the farmer to be more efficient and sustainable. This workshop will feature interactive demonstrations and new tools for farmers to improve their soil and water management practices.



Workshop #3:
Efficient Irrigation Management: Effective Solutions for Farmers in the Low Desert Region

This workshop will provide new tools and techniques related to increasing irrigation efficiency for farmers. A panel of irrigation experts will present information and the latest technologies to help farmers understand irrigation systems better and increase efficiency for water conservation on the farm.


UCCE Cooperative Extension - Imperial County, University of California - Riverside Desert Research and Extension Center, USDA-NRCS.

Workshop #4:
Developing new Markets for your Products: New Techniques for Growing, Selling and Marketing Farm Products

This workshop will describe new marketing channels for farmers: how to access new customers, diversify and increase your buyers, and new tips for marketing farm products. If you are a farmer looking to expand your sales and learn about new markets, this is the workshop for you!


National Center of Appropriate Technology, Produce Industry buyers, UCCE Small Farm Advisor, and more!


Workshop #1:
Information/Strategies to Access Farm Conservation Programs, Direct Marketing and other Resources

This "speed dating" session will cover the different conservation programs available for your farm, including the protection and conservation of soils, water, air and wildlife. These programs benefit the natural resources of your farm operation while protecting the environment. They can also be part of your marketing strategy. Learn about the different programs available for your farm, cost share opportunities, how to obtain technical assistance and other resources related to natural resources conservation and sustainable farming practices. Additionally, program staff will be available throughout the conference to provide individual assistance for farmers.


NASS Agriculture Survey, USDA-NRCS, National Center of Appropriate Technology (NCAT), USDA Rural Development Agency, and more.

Workshop #2:
Improving Soils with Covercrops, Compost and Mulching

Farmers can increase their farm profits and decrease their use of chemicals through carefully managing their soil. Through the use of covercrops, composting and mulching, farmers can increase their yields , improve their efficiency, and build a sustainable farm business! This workshop will feature several cover crop and composting experts. Also, hear from an expert in the mulching business about ways farmers can incorporate date palm fronds and tree materials back into the soil to increase organic matter. Come to this workshop and learn more about how your farm business can benefit from incorporating one of these sustainable practices!


UCCE - Riverside County, USDA NRCS, SA Recycling/Organics.

Workshop #3
Meeting Federal FSMA and Food Safety Requirements in Post-Harvest Handling, Recordkeeping and Traceability

Workshop participants will get an overview of the FDA's federal Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements for farms with a specific focus on post-harvest handling and discussion of food safety and organic practices and traceability requirements. Listen to the latest requirements and hear from a farmer about the importance of food safety and how to prepare your farm.


CAFF Food Safety Specialist, UC Davis Post-Harvest Technology, Farmer presenter - coming soon!

Workshop #4
Recent Updates and Regulations for Farmworker Health and Safety

This workshop will focus on the latest information, laws and regulations that farmers need to know about regarding employees health and safety, hiring employees and farm liability insurance. Come to this workshop to learn how to safely grow your farm employee team.


CDPR, California EPA, Cal OSHA, and more!

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The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) are proud to present the 3rd annual statewide sustainable agriculture conference for Spanish speaking farmers. This conference brings together the Latino farming community, the agriculture industry, advocates for sustainability and agribusinesses for a day of workshops, networking, and learning from fellow farmers.